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Major General John A. Logan was born in 1826 in what is now Murphysboro, Illinois. In fact, the town began as a gift of 20 acres from his parents Dr. John and Elizabeth Logan in 1843.

Today, Murphysboro, the county seat of Jackson County, retains its small-town charm and boasts both a courthouse square and a busy downtown. It is the home of the original, nationally-celebrated 17th Street Bar and Grill, and is the western gateway to both the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and the Shawnee National Forest. It is just ten minutes from Carbondale, site of Woodlawn Cemetery, where one of our nation's earliest Memorial Day services was held, and home of Southern Illinois University.

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  • The Story of John A Logan
    The Story of John A Logan Logan's story is the tale of a racist turned supporter of African American civil rights (Frederick Douglass supported his presidential candidacy) and Democrat turned Republican. It is the story of…
Who Was John A. Logan?

Who was John A. Logan? General Grant's favorite officer, one of Illinois' most powerful Senators, Founder of Memorial Day as a national holiday, and among Mark Twain's favorite public speakers ... Or as historian Gary Ecelbarger has said, “John A. Logan may be the most noteworthy nineteenth century American to escape notice in the twenty-first century.” How does a man go from small town lawyer to Vice Presidential Candidate and at his death Presidential hopeful?

What pushed him from becoming Abraham Lincoln's bitter rival to campaigning for Lincoln's re­election? How does an avid racist and author of Illinois' Black Laws
become an advocate for African American Civil Rights and education? Visit the General John A. Logan Museum and maybe you will better understand why Frederick Douglas said, if a man like Black Jack Logan can have a change of heart then there is hope for everyone.


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